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Mt. Moriah Community Church is a life changing ministry with connected to the community and with a heart for outreach.  Our mission is impact our city with effective life changing ministry.  To make and nurture humanity into disciples of Christ.  To Usher humanity into economic and spiritual empowerment.  To embrace and meet the holistic needs of all humanity.

The Mt. Moriah Community Church of Farmville is a non-denominational church, located in the heart of Farmville with Farmville in its heart.  Farmville is located between Wilson and Greenville, NC. 


Mt. Moriah had its humble beginnings in 1931. Prayer warriors gathered at a place called the Odds Fellow Home located on South Main Street in Farmville, NC to have prayer meetings. It was in 1937 when Sister Mobile Brown, Sister Nannie Brown, Sister Fannie Hawkins and other saints saw the need to organize a church. Preacher Richard Jones took a leadership roll along with Reverend Williams "Bill" Jones assisting.


After a few years of worshipping in the building on Main Street, land was donated by Sister Henrietta Rollins to build a church in exchanged for her care taking. She had Sister Sallie Mae Farmer Harris contact the officials (Bishop of the United Church of America) to make this legal. Bishop H.L. Fisher and Bishop G.J. Branch granted the request.


In 1949 Mt. Moriah was received in the convocation and continued to grow in membership and spiritual guidance under the leadership of these Pastor's in succession:


Elder Luther Best*

Elder Barnes*

Elder B.B. Dunn*

Elder L.L. Davis*

Elder H.Y. Larry*

Elder Thomas Durham*

Elder R.V. Wheeler*

Elder Otha Hayes

Elder J.W. Lewis*

Apostle Aaron B. McNair, Sr. (Presently Serving)



Mt. Moriah was reconstructed in 1966-67 under the leadership of Elder R.V. Wheeler and strong supporting officials namely Deacon Leamon Taft, Sister Satira Melvin, and Sister Lear Joyner. All which are now deceased. Then the name changed to "Greater Mt. Moriah".


November 18, 1990 we entered a new edifice, which was constructed under the leadership of Elder Otha Hayes, officials and members.


In 1992, the church went through some traumatic changes and Elder J.W. Lewis was the new Moses who was instrumental in the healing and restoration. The Lord began the restoration process with Elder Lewis and soon after called him home. The name was then given; "The New Mount Moriah".


In 1995, Elder Aaron B. McNair, Sr. by the divine providence of God became our Shepherd, and under his visionary leadership New Mt. Moriah has embarked on many new projects, properties, and has experienced the introduction of new ministries operating in "The Spirit of Excellence". Under the leadership of Pastor Aaron B. McNair, Sr. we are experiencing a new level in church ministries.


On April 1, 2014 New Mt. Moriah Church transitioned to a non-denominational church and became the Mother church of the Life Changing Ministries International Fellowship under the leadership of Apostle A.B. McNair, Sr. 


From our humble beginnings 89 years ago until now, we acknowledge that God has kept this house, and we give Him all of the Glory.


We Believe that the God of the Bible is the only one true God in existence.

We Believe in the Trinity the coexistence of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in the unity the Godhead.

We Believe that the Bible is the inspired and infallible Word of God penned by the hand of Holy Men chosen of God.


We Believe that there is only one way to God the Father-through Jesus Christ by way of salvation.

We Believe that the five-fold ministry is to be active in today’s church.

We Believe in the redemptive work of Christ on the cross which settled the sin debt of all humanity.

We Believe in the resurrection of the regenerated and the unsaved, one unto eternal life and the latter unto eternal damnation.

We Believe in the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ to gather His Holy Church.

We Believe in the privilege of prayer whereas the believer can communicate with a Sovereign God with confidence that He hears us.

We Believe in the laying on of hands and the speaking in other tongues as the Holy Spirit gives utterance

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